Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vindictus Game Review - Part 3 [FINAL]

Because of the beta keys I recently received, I am completing the guide in a Text format. This means no videos!

To make up for this, I will soon post a full review on playing the game. :]

Aspect III: Graphics and Systems

Vindictus is not high-edge when it comes to graphics, as anyone can tell with nofficial gameplay videos. The Runes of Magic installation itself takes up for than what's required for Vindictus.

What was DevCat's meaning for doing this? DevCat is clearly having a high-volume game for casual players, people who don't buy extra software or hardware to meet game specifications. Though, they may buy the game (World of Warcraft), or pay to get certain items in an item all (ALL Nexon Games), or pay a small membership fee (RuneScape).

I thought Mabinogi's graphics were high-class two years ago, but Vindictus' motto is practically "The most realistic MMORPG ever." One huge reason is the breakable and useable landscape (more about that in Gameplay, Aspect IV) in the dungeons.

Otherwise, the grapchics seem like Mabinogi (except Vindictus has the non-Anime characters). For example, the dirt ground looks EXACTLY the same as it is in Mabinogi. This s not of too much importance, but it's just to proove DevCat is the same, even after the second game.

My Graphics Rating? 9/10
Why? You can use columns as weapons!
Also, this is directed towards the free-to-play crowd who will will not buy new hardware to play the game. This is one of the best graphics I've seen directed towards that category.

Aspect IV: Gameplay

Will Do The Rest Later - Busy with Beta Keys!! 


  1. The graphics to me look like aion just in my opinion but i am surprised that its so small.

  2. Aion has pretty good graphics. :3 But, I can see your point there. The ground is still a TON like Mabinogi, but this is coming from DevCat, what can we expect? :3

    Though, after playing, I find that it's not as interactive as I wanted. But, I am going to play again (with sound this time!) and see, because always on my first day of a new MMORPG I miss out on a TON.

    I'm going to probably update Aspect IV after playing Vindictus today.