Thursday, August 19, 2010

Closed Beta Key Problems?!

I'm so sorry to make this post, it's entirely my fault.

If everyone who has a key could send it back to me (it's still yours), so I know who got what and such...

Thanks for your help. There are 16 keys I've currently sent out/used.

And those of you having trouble, send an email to me too, and I'll try to figure out which one is yours depending on the successful.

So sorry.

UPDATE: Directory of the keys I've given out. I've only done the first three characters of the key for safety reasons.

D4C - My own key
D74 - Bong
161 - Andy
893 - Killer
D3B - Unknown
09F - Unknown
DF1 - Unknown
CC6 - Olivia
3FC - Simba 
5F5 - Unknown
D47 - Unknown
C59 - Travis
13C - Cheesedog
4CB - Marcus
D57 - Mickael
677 - Riel

I've given out more, but I have kept record of them.

Please send me your keys back so I know whose is whose! There are some forgotten keys, and I don't want to give anyone's out if it's someone else's!

There are 5 unknowns! Please send me yours!

-Matt Wilson   


  1. um Matt i'll take fault for this (i sent you a friend invite can you see it?) im sorry x.x

  2. Aha, I see the friend request.
    Did you accept mine?
    The code should be there.

    This video has what I did.

    And, no, It's not your fault. I have another lost code. I'm sorry for the long wait.

  3. so should i remove you and let you friend invite me? cause i didn't have an invite from you last time :(

  4. Hey Matt, still nothing. :(

    Maybe try a driect email?

    Thanks for trying to work around everyone's problems, must be annoying. :P

  5. Pepper go up to the follower section and sign in :x do you see a friend invite?

  6. Still nothing here, if you havent noticed, "Tom" has appeared, too.
    That is also my account, signed in by the friend finder. Just so you know, they both have the same email, so treat them to be the same.

    Thanks for being so understanding.

  7. I don't believe I've friend requested Pepper. You should've got an email/message.
    Check this site.

    So sorry. But I can't send you a direct email unless I know which beta key I gave you. It might be someone else's.

    But Olivia: I'm pretty sure yours is around Simba's. If you could check if you're above or below Simba's first comment, um, that'd be great. I have to go to a quick lunch, and I'll be back asap.

  8. well my comment of trying to get in was 1 above simba which was the 7th im guessing i should be around the 6th-10th code? also dont rush your lunch its been a panic filled morning for you :x

  9. You said you sent mine after Mikael and before Riel. o.O

  10. @Pepper - No, I'm pretty sure it was before Mickael. I still have these 7 unknowns,

    @Olivia - The one above. I sent yours and Simba's at the same time.
    That means yours is CC6.
    I'll send it to you right away.


  11. @Olivia - Email please? I don't want to jack up.

  12. Matt- just for the sake of clarification, I was "assigned" a key, but did not recieve it yet, correct?

  13. oh sorry Matt its :x thanks

  14. @Thomas - I believe I did send it. I'm not even sure anymore. If you have your key and it's working, then please send me the code...If you didn't get it, you're in the waiting category. :[

    @Olivia - Sending asap

  15. My email ( did not recieve the code.
    Which means I cant use it.
    Putting me on the waiting list. ):

  16. [quote]
    @Mickael - I'm sending you the key right now. Thanks for the trouble.

    @Cheesedog - We're cleared. :3

    @Pepper - Sure, just send me the proof of the subscription and I'll send you a key.

    Imma edit my post to say send me proof. >.> Too lazy to look for proof, and the servers are lagging.

    So, I don't think it was ever sent. I'm patient though, I'll let you sort out everything first. No rush. :P

  17. @Thomas - That's two missing out of six. I'll try to settle what I can with post times, but I did send some abnormally out of order. I'm trying.

    @Olivia - :3 Add me in-game! Remember!

  18. Matt, you SHOULD be able to see what emails you sent out through your Gmail "Sent" folder, no?
    That'd help you find out what code went where.
    (Or whichever email you used to send them out)

  19. I sent half of then through Google Friend Connect.

    From my extensive 5 minutes of research, I haven't sent it to you. I am soo sorry.

    The code is now in your email.
    If it's not, I'm gonna die.

    Aghh. I feel so bad for these problems I've made! :O!

    I still have ONE problem left, which is Ricky's lost code .. I don't know what to do about that other than wait. I sent it to him, he lost it.

  20. If mine was sent, I'm putting my money on D47 being mine... Come on guys, tell him which keys you got. D:

  21. It was sent, I am sure of it Pepper. :[
    But, I still do have to wait for the 5 unknowns, because a 1/5 chance of it being yours is too much to risk.

    But, I will look at the D47 and the probability that it's yours. It may be taken - but I will give it to you if it's reasonable with your comment data etc.

  22. I don't want to steal anyone's key, don't worry too much. :)

    I'm sure it'll be resolved eventually. I've waited this long, I can wait longer, ha.

  23. I think I've figured it out.
    Email please Pepper?

  24. I'm an experienced MMO veteran; played FFXI for 6+years, WoW off and on, and many F2P MMOs. I have also beta tested for numerous games.

    I would like a key please...