Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vindictus Closed Beta Update!

I have gotten into Closed Beta thanks to this website. That's a huge thanks to my readers! You're the ones who allowed me to get accepted as an official fansite! I might even have a page on the Vindictus website now!
But, this generally means that I will be getting the latest updates, and contests to my site. So, stay tuned!

Here's a video I made on my installation:
I was too busy registering to record that I registered. :3
And, here's that pop-up I got!
I got in Closed Beta! Finally! 

But, here's that video:

Once I get this in place, I will start emailing out the keys, and before the downlaod is done, I will finish Part 3 and 4 (the end!) of the Vindictus Review without playing it.

I might do a review on playing it, but not right now. :3 I have to play the game first! And I have to let YOU play the game!

Thanks so much for reading, and the Vindictus Closed Beta Keys are STILL AVAILABLE!
                                                                                        -Matt Wilson
                                                                                        The Vindictus Guide 


  1. Also bro, try this download, its much faster

  2. I see.
    Thanks for the suggestion, but I have to complete the review and send out the beta keys anyway.
    By the time it's done downloading, I probably will still be working on the blog.