Saturday, August 21, 2010

How To Mob With Lann Using Smash Attacks!

Hey everyone, I've been using this method for the past two days, and decided to make a guide. I made it a screenshot-based guide, because of my video lag (discussed in another post), thanks to Brandom/Jbox for the idea! :]

Do note, this tutorial is for Keyboard mode, the mode I use, I may make a guide on Mouse mode, but maybe later.

Here's the video, comment on how you like it, I made it pretty quickly, and it's pretty short, so what do you think? :3

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-Matt Wilson
The Vindictus Guide


  1. *Brandon

    ...anyways, thanks for the guide. I started playing yesterday (finally after tweaking to get a good framerate) & I'm starting to get the hang of things/UI. Vindictus works well with a controller... there's no force feedback yet, but it still plays pretty well.

    I'm on East Server.
    IGN: Dayne

  2. :3 No problem. Of course you could get a good framerate. :P That's good. :D
    I'm afraid that controllers won't work well with this guide. Instead, it'd pretty much just be "Attack 4 times" and "Smash 1 time."

    I'll add you as soon as I go on.