Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Serious Look at Vindictus Age Limits

Hey everyone.

Forthe past few days, VindictusHQ has been having a serious poll about the age limits, and I've voted for no age limits.

Here's some background information. Nexon has had a 13+ age lmit, a standard and the most common limit you see. Even when MapleStory became a 10+ game, the registration for a Nexon passport still requires you to be 13+.

MapleStory has had eight year olds since 2005, which shows making age limits is a waste of time when children five years underage play. I joined Nexon in late 2006 at the age of 9, so even I don't regard them.

Mabinogi has always had a 13+ age limit. I joined at the age of 11, but there is always the uncommon sight of a 9-11 year old who plays regularly. The most common sightings are 14-21.

Vindictus is the most mature Nexon MMORPG by far. The age limit is the above average 15, with 18+ for blood. The age limits are again unheeded, as I use a 15 year old account at the age of 13. I've also already had two people come back for another beta key because their account was 13 or 14 because of this restriction. I believe it should be the regular 13+ restriction.

Here is an updated video of the results, taken on August 21st at 9:40AM PST.

What do you think?

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