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6 Guides That Will Get You The Most Out of Closed Beta

That's right readers. There are a lot of things that you will get stuck on along the way! I suggest, bookmark this page and come back to it before you do any of these things; If you already did them and failed, read this before you try again!:

  • Buy New Secondary Weapons
  • Go do Hoarfrost Hollows
  • Make a Fiona/Do Another Dungeon with Fiona
  • Try to grab an enemy again! 
  • Go do the Perilous Ruins quest!
  • Do Another Dungeon with Lann 
This is going to be a HUGE post. I'm going to post some links instead of pasting the guide onto the post because it just looks a lot better on that page, and there are some parts of it, I can't embed.
I have not been playing Vindictus much the past two days, due to other things that are important.

1. Buying Secondary Weapons - What to think about before buying them!
Credit to my friend Elemein at Colhen  He makes pretty good guides!

2. Go Do Hoarfrost Hollows

For this section, there are two very good guides I found that will help you tremendously.

The first is a guide with tips on how to solo Hoartfrost Hollows, again for Elemein at Colhen.

The next is a text guide from Invertex at Mabination on how to get the maximum battle points on Hoarfrost Hollows.
Link here: Click! 

Reposting this as a new topic on Brad's request.

I don't even have full BP on most of these, but I should know enough to help get enough BP for the whole mission line. Token restrictions makes it hard for me to really give a complete guide for a lot of these. Though as of the beta, if you fail a mission the tokens don't get used up.

Note that this guide is written by someone playing as Fiona, I tried to avoid talk about blocking but if you Lann players have something to add, feel free to do so. I also will not do a walkthrough of the whole mission as you should be able to beat that yourself.

What is BP? (Copy pasted from the Perilous Ruins thread)
Battle Points (or Completion Points) are points awarded for doing various things in a mission. Most quests require a certain ammount of BP (usually 100-160 BP) on previous battles to do them. BP is obtained in 3 different ways.

The base BP, you just need to clear the battle.

Bonus Missions
Bonus missions usually involve killing enemies in certain ways, finding items, or not letting your equipment break. Most of these are easy, except finding items is probably the hardest type as they are extremely luck based. Completing these also rewards bonus Gold (though usually the ammount is negligable)

Oaths are difficulty modifiers that either prevent you from using items, increase difficulty, or limit your party size. You should usually run with one of these on as they offer good EXP bonuses.

Note that you cannot use the same Oath twice to gain BP, you must clear the mission with an Oath you have not used yet to gain more BP.
Missions and Oaths are sometimes marked with a (P). This means that it's a running total for the entire party. So, for example, if P1 gets 3/10 kills, P2 gets 2/10, P3 gets 4/10, and P4 gets 1/10, it will get completed for everyone in the party.


Hoarfrost Hollow - Level 5
175 BP

Mission BP - 35

Total Bonus Mission BP - 40
Defeat Etunoch with objects (P) (25BP)
It should be only the finishing blow with an object, but the item finish objectives just love to glitch, so you'll need to waste a few tokens for this.

Obtain 2 Average Kobold Cloth (15BP)
Normal Kobolds and the boss drop these, just hope your luck is good (or bad if you really wanted something else) and run this a few times. One of the least frustrating missions.

Total Oath BP - 100
Win within 5 minutes (40BP)
Not hard with a full party, run your way through. Use the spike trap for that small Kobold mob, and don't go for the item kill on the boss.

Win while playing solo (25BP)
Still not to hard to solo, but you may want to get better equipment if you're having trouble. Spears again are good, 2 to stun (which is a free combo).

Win without potions (35BP)
Not hard in a party, just try not to get hit by the spike trap. Instant death is not fun and you pretty much get your armor broken and lose 50% HP upon revival.

Western Ice Passage - Level 6
150 BP

Mission BP - 25

Total Bonus Mission BP - 45
Defeat Eflame (P) (20BP)
I have actually NEVER run into Eflame (wisp miniboss) while running this level. Really I either have to assume my luck is horrible or it's tucked in some random corner.

Obtain Slingshot Grenade (15BP)
This is a boss drop, it's only called Slingshot. Really it is sort of rare and you end up needing 2 total for all your sidequests, so just go for this while doing everything else for this mission.

Obtain Broken Arrow (10BP)
Archer Kobolds, pretty much all there is to say about this.

Total Oath BP - 80
Win while playing solo (20BP)
Again, pretty easy solo. The boss is quite a bit more annoying as he'll always be targeting you, just get around his shots and poke him a few times. Again, spears are great solo tools.

Equipment destroyed <10 times (P) (30BP)
Don't get hit and you'll be fine. Even then, if you solo this, you'll have a really easy time doing this as well. Too bad we can't use two oaths at once.

Win without using feathers (30BP)
Really this level has no instant death gimmicks and the boss is easy in a party, so this is a pretty safe bet.

Southern Rock Cliff - Level 6
200 BP

Mission BP - 40

Total Bonus Mission BP - 80
Obtain Copper Ore (25BP)
Bring mining bombs, there's a mining spot near the Erg pot in the 2nd area and there's one hidden under a building in the boss area. Doing this in a party makes some of the ores your party's, but do it enough and you'll find some. You probably should do this either way as Copper is needed for a lot of good crafting.

Obtain Kobold Battleaxe (20BP)
I do believe this is a drop off the boss. Running it for the oaths and missions should get you this.

Defeat Speedy Ekuloch (P) (35BP)
Now this is annoying, Speedy Ekuloch is the miniboss for this level. After taking a bit of damage a notice saying "Speedy Ekuloch is attempting to escape" or something like that will appear. If you don't stun/trip him before he backflips, waves, and dissapears, you lose. Now normally tripping is a good option, but not here. Kobolds have tiny legs so it's hard for you to hit them on the fly. What you should do instead is bring spears, and just spam spears the instant the notice comes up. He should be stunned in one spear hit, so you can easily just lock him up with them. Note that this one will not stop trying to escape once he starts.

Total Oath BP - 80
Win within 6 min (45BP)
Run, actually let Speedy Ekuloch get away as that saves time, and use spears or a hook to stun lock the boss.

Incapacitated <3 Times (35BP)
That's less than 3, not a heart. Anyways, just run as normal and you should be fine. This isn't a very hard level either so really, it's a safe bet.

Another Slingshot - Level 7
170 BP

Little note here, you get this by completing Riely's (I think that's his name) slingshot request. He'll ask for more and you'll unlock this along with Final Slingshot.

Mission BP - 25

Total Bonus Mission BP - 70
Obtain Modified Slingshot Grenade (15BP)
Item name is just Modified Slingshot. The boss is a double boss, this is dropped by Brother Ebeloch. It's a pretty rare drop, but feel free to skip this as the next mission in this line (Final Slingshot) features Brother Ebeloch as well, so you can get a Modified Slingshot.

Defeath Elfame with a spear (P) (35BP)
Elfame seems to appear more often in this mission, it moves a lot more so spearing it can be a problem. Just hope you hit and you should be fine.

Equipment destroyed <5 times (20BP)
If you don't repair/repair enough/don't get hit, you'll get this easily. Free 1.1k gold!

Total Oath BP - 75
Win while playing solo (25BP)
Haven't done this yet, the double boss will probably be a pain solo, but you should be fine if you take your time and save your spears.

Season of Macha (difficulty up) (30BP)
Turn it down to Normal if you have to and get a full party, it should be easy enough.

Win without repairing armor (20BP)
With the bonus mission, you should be doing this.

Fomorian Order - Level 8
155 BP

Mission BP - 25

Total Bonus Mission BP - 50
Defeat Fake Ekuloch (P) (15BP)
Defeat Both Fake Ekuloch (P) (25BP)
These both are the same thing, there are 2 Speedy Ekulochs here so use the same strategy as in Western Ice Passage and you should get these easily. Only difference here is that it takes 2 spears to stun and they don't constantly attempt to escape.

Obtain Kobold Horn Decoration (10BP)
This should be dropped by the boss (and maybe the Fake Ekulochs), so just hope for the best (as per usual).

Total Oath BP - 100
Win within 10 min (20BP)
Haven't done this yet, but it sounds sort of hard. I'd let both Fakes get away to save time and just run through the whole level as you usually should. Save all your spears for the boss as it is a pretty annoying one to get in on.

Win without Pheonix Feathers (25BP)
Not too hard, just the obvious "don't get hit" stuff. Try not to fall off the bridges as well, you shouldn't even take those since the Kobolds always cut them down.

Win with 2 or fewer players (35BP)
Go for the 2 player rush, feel free to skip the Fakes as well. Not too hard otherwise.

Final Slingshot - Level 8
165 BP

Mission BP - 35

Total Bonus Mission BP - 45
Obtain Upgraded Slingshot Grenade (15BP)
It's all drop luck again (and again, the item is just Upgraded Slingshot), this comes from Big Brother in the Ebeloch trio fight. This is a good level to grind for that sidequest as you can get every slingshot from this mission (and I have actually done so).

Equipment destoryed <5 times (30BP)
You already know what goes here.

Total Oath BP - 85
Incapacitated <3 times (20BP)
Not too hard, it can be hard to use a potion with the trio boss, but it can't be THAT hard.

Win with 2 or fewer players (30BP)
Go with 2 players, and go from weakest to strongest on the boss. That or have one person being cannon fodder while you combo them from behind.

Season of Macha (difficulty up) (35BP)
No real tactics sides the weakest to strongest on the boss trio. Really if 4 people gang up on the normal Ebeloch, he goes down in less than a minute.

Brynn's Research - Level 9
160 BP

Mission BP - 30

Total Bonus Mission BP - 55
Obtain Hoarfrost Hollow Erg Crystal (15BP)
Oh boy another Erg quest, smash stuff up and hope for the best. You'll probably end up wanting 6 for the Savage Ring anyways.

Obtain Spider Cave Scroll (20BP)
These are a rare drop by spiders, good luck getting both a core and finding one that gives you the scroll.

Kill Cave Wisp with small bomb (P) (20BP)
Have someone bring bombs, go to the Erg Pot in the boss area, and chuck one at the 3 wisps. That should kill one and get you the mission.

Total Oath BP - 75
Season of Macha (difficulty up) (30BP)
Not too hard. The boss is really predictable with a party. If he drinks a potion and glows orange/red, run away and dodge to the side (he throws the potion pot at you), if he glows green, circle around him as he'll do a spray infront of him. He rarely uses his knife so feel free to ignore that. If you're not his target, just combo him freely.

Win without secondary weapons (25BP)
Not hard, just can't do the bomb mission here. Use the same tactics as Macha and you'll be fine.

Win without potions (20BP)
Just do what you did with Macha, really all there is to be said.

Frost Stones - Level 9
185 BP

You get this from a Shayla sidequest, it's a good Night Shade and gem farming spot.

Mission BP - 35

Total Bonus Mission BP - 95
Defeat Quiremigal with objects (P) (35BP)
Just the finishing blow needs to be with an item, again this tends to glitch as well.

Obtain 2 Copper Ores (20BP)
Not one but two, the pain. Bring mining bombs and hope for the best. Also hope you face King Icedredge as a miniboss as the blue tentacles (and the miniboss himself) have a chance of dropping copper. The boss also drops these, so it is actually possible to get 2 Coppers off it.

Obtain Peridot (15BP)
Obtain Frost Stone (25BP)
These gems are gotten from King Icedredge and Quiremigal. Really all you can do is run this enough and you'll get it eventually.

Total Oath BP - 100
Win without repairing armor (30BP)
The bosses are a pain to get in on, the best you can hope for is to not face King Icedredge.

Win within 10 min (25BP)
Again, haven't done this. What I can say is run as fast as you can (when don't you?) and hope you don't face King Icedredge.

Kobold Chief - Level 10
245 BP

Mission BP - 40

Total Bonus Mission BP - 85
Obtain Destroyed Spiked Shield (break off) (15BP)
More breaking off fun, this time it's the left arm of the Chief. I believe 3/4 hits will do it. Try to wait until after he's done attacking, or for the more convinient option, have someone run away from him while everyone else lines up their shot. A slow Chief moving in a single predictable direction is an easy Chief to hit.

Obtain Copper Ore (20BP)
Mining bombs as usual. Pretty much all ores are like this.

Obtain 2 Remnants (20BP)
Not too bad due to the length of the level, not sure if Elfame is a miniboss here (but if it is, Remnants can easily be gotten from it). Smash everything else up otherwise.

Equipment destroyed <5 times
Really nothing to say, the boss is hard to beat without at least losing 2 armor parts though.

Total Oath BP - 120
Warrior's Challenge (solo mode) (20BP)
The stage is shortened again, 1 area instead of 3. Set up a campfire before you move into the boss area for the stat bonuses and to repair everything, as you don't get any time inside the boss room itself. For the boss, 2 lances to stun. His move set consists of a shoulder thrust, a 2 punch combo (2nd one tracks you a bit), and when he goes and makes a ball, either he'll do a 2 shoulder thrust combo behind him or nothing. Just learn these, be conservative on your combo after dodging, and you should be fine. His 2 punch combo sometimes cuts off and it does inflict the Knife Wound status (instant -300HP pretty much), so avoid that at all costs.

Win with 2 or fewer players (25BP)
Not that hard, just have one person act as bait while the other combos the Chief to hell from behind. Switch roles when he switches targets. Again, read the moves section about 5 lines above from here and you'll be fine.

Season of Macha (difficulty up) (40BP)
This can be quite difficult, I actually failed this once as we ran out of feathers. Really the only thing to say is try not to get hit. If you do get hit by him (mainly his 2 hit combo) and get the Knife Wound status, run the hell away. If you need to repair, try not to use a campfire anvil as he tends to automatically switch targets to the person repairing.

Win within 20 min (35BP)
The boss itself can take several minutes, so this is a tight squeeze. You should have 10 minutes for the boss, who will go down in that time span if you spam spears enough.

Dethrone the White Tyrant (RAID) - Level 10
140 BP

Mission BP - 15

Total Bonus Mission BP - 45
Finish Giant Polar Bear with kicks (P) (10BP)
Just weaken him, and kick him. If he's not stunned but is at low health, wait for him to roar and kick spam him then.

Defeat Giant Polar Bear with objects (P) (10BP)
This is glitched as well, I did it and didn't get it. Either way, same drill as with kicking, but with an item.

Obtain Savage Eye (break off) (15BP)
Hardest break off item yet. The eye is that huge red glowing one, can't miss it. Problem is the bear just hates sitting still, your best chance is to have him lunge at you, back off just enough so he misses. After that you'll have a point blank spear throw right into his eye. Other method are just waiting for his 2 swipe combo and hitting him then.

Equpment destroyed <5 times (10BP)
I get this almost all the time, really you just need to dodge. He has a 180 swipe to clear out people beside and behind him, a backwards jump that lands on anyone behind him. A lunge for distance, 2 swipes which go left than right, get to the side to avoid that. After he roars (2 bars or less), his swipe becomes a triple swipe which tracks and goes literally everywhere.

Total Oath BP - 80
Win within 15 min (10BP)
This is not hard at all, the party I had when I did this did it in just over 5 minutes. Spear spam and don't go for the eye.

Win with 4 or fewer players (15BP)
Still not too hard, learn the move set (under the bonus missions), and you'll get this. Main problem is that it takes longer.

Win with 2 or fewer players (15BP)
This I can imagine is painful, but doable. It'd take a long time as well. Just spread out, have one act as bait while the other does some combos, and switch when he targets the other person (just like the chief). It takes 4/5 spears (I think) to stun him as well, so ration those.

Win while playing solo (10BP)
Oh god... I really have no comment for this. Good luck? Really the only thing you can do is poke him while dodging. You do have 2 stuns via spears however, so you get a half bar off for free.

Season of Macha (difficulty up) (20BP)
See what I said about the equipment destruction. Same tactics apply, don't get hit, and use Fine HP Potions after you do get hit. The bear is too damaging to wait for <400HP to heal.

Win without Pheonix Feathers (10BP)
Competent party can do this (in a similar style to the within 15 minute one). Spam spears, get in and do an extended combo (4 Normals and a Smash) followed by a short one.

Prepare for Counterattack - Level 11
275 BP

Mission BP - 20

Total Bonus Mission BP - 125
Kill 2 Commanders with objects (P) (15BP)
The commanders are just the bosses (this is a boss rush afterall). I'd do them on the first two as they do get progresively harder. The boss order is Jolly Ebeloch (slingshot one), Speedy Ekuloch (axe one), Robust Echeloch (potion user), and Sturdy Emuloch (Kobold chief).

Kill 3 Commanders with spears (P) (20BP)
Kill 4 Commanders with spears (P) (40BP)
Just save all your spears for finishing them off, and you should get these. Hardest one would be the Chief as he has a huge health bar and it can be hard to get in on him without the spears.

Obtain 3 Rare Ergs (P) (20BP)
This is a short mission, so hope for some luck in the first area before the boss rush. That and spawn the Wisps near the Erg Pot for some more chances.

Obtain 8 Iron Ores (P)
Having someone bring mining bombs here is a pain, but it's not too bad if you can beat the bosses without spears. There are 2 or 3 mining spots in the large bridge room and 2 in the boss room. I've already gotten this about 3 times so it's actually quite easy.

Equipment destroyed <5 times (15BP)
This is actually a decent challenge as this is a heavy combat mission with 4 bosses. Just do well and mob up the first 3 bosses fast enough and you should get this.

Total Oath BP - 130
Win within 16 min (20BP)
You need to wait a preset ammount of time through the first 3 bosses anyways, so this boils down to how fast you can kill the Chief. Not sure of the timing frame though.

Win without repairing armor (20BP)
You'll be repairing armor a lot in this fight, needless to say this is a pretty tough (but one of the more reasonable) oaths.

Win without potions (25BP)
Well good luck getting through 4 bosses in a row without pots. The only real tip I can give is beat the bosses as fast as you can, then go make a campfire, and heal up between rounds.

Win with 2 or fewer players (30BP)
I doubt this is impossible, but it's probably very hard. Chances are you won't be fast enough to finish the first boss before the second, the second before the third, and the third before the chief. So if you can deal with the backlog and the Kobold Chief 2 player oath, you can do this.

Season of Macha (difficulty up) (35BP)
Pretty much if you've played Hard or Macha on previous missions, this one is pretty much the final test. Not too hard in the end, just be ready to use a lot of Fine HP potions.

Other Tips
Really the best thing I can offer is to use campfires. Replace the stam pots on hotkey 4 with a kit, pop one down before the boss, drag some wood into it, and get the +100 attack bonus.

Oh, and about campfires. They also give you a armor regeneration bonus. This is crucial to the equipment breaking missions as it extends the life of your armor tenfold. You can spam Counterattack with Fiona and not have your shield die for instance.

Again, breaking off can be done with spears or a well aimed smash. Mainly for the Kobold Chief here. Smashing him when he's curled up or counters with Fiona will make quick work of the shield.

You can assign both HP and Fine HP potions onto your hotkeys at the same time, normally I run with Potion/Feather/Repair Kits/Campfire Kit, but if you're running solo, replace the feathers with another set of potions.

You can cancel repairing your armor with the dodge button, this is good for solo bosses where you only have brief time frames to repair. You'd usually use this is when you break your shield as Fiona.

Originally Posted by LimeD
I just thought I'd add my 2 cents here, on missions that have the oath "Win without repairing armor", you can still make a campfire. This is important because making the campfire also creates an anvil on which you can repair your armor on, which kinda sorta bypasses the entire oath lol. Not sure if this will work past cbt though.
Following are copy pasted from the other topic.

You are allowed feathers in no potion runs, use that to your advantage.

Moving to the next area automatically revives everyone who is dead, even on a no feather run.

Playing on hard increases the items the boss drops from 3 to 4. Use Hard if you really are having a hard time with some of the boss drops.

If you're running low on spears/hooks, you don't need to go back to Merrac. There's a cat to the left of the gate to town that sells most of the secondary weapons.


And second unintended wall of text is done.

It is not in the same format as the website, because there are quotes and such there, but it says the same thing.

3. Go Make a Fiona or Go Do Another Dungeon with your Fiona

 This one is truly better in the link. Taken from Bakuryu, moderator of MabiNation forums.

4. Try to grab another enemy again!
Grabbing enemies is one of my favorite parts of Vindictus. I didn't know how to do it properly until I saw the video I am putting below, and the guide I am pasting below.

Taken from Elemein from Colhen.

Beginner's Grab Guide was taken from Beginner on the MabiNation forums.

This one has pretty little GIF's that I can't embed onto here, so I suggest you go to the link.

5. Go Do the Perilous Ruins quest.

Invertex did another guide for Perilous Ruins on the MabiNation forums, and here it is:

Well, thought I might try writing a guide.
Anyways, I assume we already have nearly every quest available in the Perilous Ruins and I'm sure some of us will want to get full BP on every mission.

Note that this guide is written by someone playing as Fiona, I tried to avoid talk about blocking but if you Lann players have something to add, feel free to do so. I also will not do a walkthrough of the whole mission as you should be able to beat that yourself.

What is BP?
Battle Points (or Completion Points) are points awarded for doing various things in a mission. Most quests require a certain ammount of BP (usually 100-160 BP) on previous battles to do them. BP is obtained in 3 different ways.

The base BP, you just need to clear the battle.

Bonus Missions
Bonus missions usually involve killing enemies in certain ways, finding items, or not letting your equipment break. Most of these are easy, except finding items is probably the hardest type as they are extremely luck based. Completing these also rewards bonus Gold (though usually the ammount is negligable)

Oaths are difficulty modifiers that either prevent you from using items, increase difficulty, or limit your party size. You should usually run with one of these on as they offer good EXP bonuses.

Note that you cannot use the same Oath twice to gain BP, you must clear the mission with an Oath you have not used yet to gain more BP.
Missions and Oaths are sometimes marked with a (P). This means that it's a running total for the entire party. So, for example, if P1 gets 3/10 kills, P2 gets 2/10, P3 gets 4/10, and P4 gets 1/10, it will get completed for everyone in the party.


Mercenary Training Site - Level 1
130 BP

Mission BP - 100

Total Bonus Mission BP - 30
Defeat a Wood Man using Smash (30BP)
Do a standard combo or just spam the smash button and you'll get this. Really you should have full BP on this on your first run.

Total Oath BP - 0

Formorian Emblem - Level 1
170 BP

Mission BP - 100

Total Bonus Mission BP - 25
Obtain Black Gnoll Leather (10BP)
Shadow Fang drops this, really common and you'll probably get it on your first run.

Obtain Shadow Fang's Helm (15BP)
Again, dropped by Shadow Fang. This is slightly rarer and you may need to run the mission a few times. Thankfully this misison is short so it's not too painful.

Total Oath BP - 45
Win with 2 or fewer players (20BP)
You should still be soloing missions at this point so turn this on during your first run, the mission isn't hard.

Win within 5 min (25BP)
The time restriction Oaths aren't too bad at this point, just run between groups and don't waste time breaking items for Erg Crystals.

Gold Leather - Level 1
170 BP

Mission BP - 100

Total Bonus Mission BP - 25
Obtain Gold Gnoll Leather (10BP)
Dropped by the boss, Embermain. Really common drop and you sort of need 2 (one for Shayla and one for Kristie).

Obtain Ruins Erg Crystal (15BP)
The missions involving Erg Crystals are the most annoying ones in my opinion. Erg crystals are dropped by destroying the enviroment, so just smash everything up as you go (I'd turn all oaths off for these sorts of runs). The Ruins Erg Crystal is probably one of the rarer drops so that just adds to the frustration.

Total Oath BP - 45
Equipment destroyed <5 times (P) (20BP)
To avoid equipment breaking, just don't get hit. Really it's hard to have everything break in a run so you should turn this on for your first run.

Win within 15 minutes (25BP)
You can do this battle in 5 minutes easily, so just do the usual running and you'll get this done.

Gwynn's Request - Level 2
170 BP

Mission BP - 100

Total Bonus Mission BP - 50
Obtain White Gnoll Leather (10BP)
Gotten off the boss, Foul Snowpaw. All he does is shoot arrows and kick you, so really just stay up on him and roll to dodge the kicks. Constant moving will dodge the arrows. This is a common drop so you will get this done easily.

Obtain White Gnoll Heart (15BP)
Again, from the boss. This is a fair deal harder to get and may require a few runs. You'll need 2 of them too for Shayla's second quest.

Obtain Broken Arrow (10BP)
Off the boss, but can also be obtained from cores dropped by archer Gnolls. These are even more common than the leather so you will probably finish this on your first try.

Obtain Ice Spirit Remnant (15BP)
Off the boss, this is a bit less rare than the heart, but still slightly rare. You could try smashing stuff through the stage to find one as well (but the boss is usually good enough).

Total Oath BP - 20
Incapacitated <10 times (20BP)
Don't die, which is pretty simple. Really 10 deaths is a lot of room so this oath should be on every time you run this.

Wind Through The Ruins - Level 3
190 BP

Mission BP - 30

Total Bonus Mission BP - 60
Obtain Mad Grizzle Paw Earrings (15BP)
Dropped from the boss (it has his name in it, what did you expect?). Pretty common (though it may take a few runs to get).

Obtain 5 Rare Ergs (P) (25BP)
This is is the worst Bonus Mission in the ruins, and the last one I finished. Rare Ergs just means any type of Erg (Life, Eternity, Light, Ruins). Problem is, Ergs are dropped by Wisps and destroying stuff. You have to get really lucky to get enough Ergs by the end of your run in order to finish this. Run solo while you do this so every Erg is yours to take (since I know some people ignore Ergs). Otherwise I can only say smash everything in sight, kill every wisp, and turn all oaths off.

Equipment Destroyed <5 Times (20BP)
You should get this passively as well, these sort of missions/oaths are never that hard at this point.

Total Oath BP - 100
Win within 20 minutes (30BP)
This is really easy if you just keep moving. 15 minutes is about all you should need if you don't waste too much time.

Win with 3 or fewer players (35BP)
You still should be soloing your battles at this point, so turn this on.

Season of Macha (Difficulty Up) (35BP)
This pretty much makes Normal into Hard and Hard even harder. If you can't handle Hard/Macha then switch it down and it'll be about the same. This only boosts enemy damage as well, so if you can dodge everything, you're good to go. That and you are allowed to use potions after all.

Friends? - Level 4
160 BP

Little preface here, this isn't a mandatory mission and is one for a side quest. Talk to Tieve when you get a quest about it and she'll have you deliver two letters. Just go through that until this battle quest unlocks.

Mission BP - 70

Total Bonus Mission BP - 35
Obtain Spiked Gnoll Club (15BP)
This is actually a boss drop, but this boss seems to have a much lower drop chance of this than any other gnoll boss. So you're going need to run this a lot.

Equipment destroyed <5 times (20BP)
The length of this mission can be a bit daunting, but in a party you should get this easily.

Total Oath BP - 55
Win within 12 minutes (30BP)
This is the first mission I'd say you should take a party with for. The main battle here is 100 Gnolls (in a row, same room) and the boss. So having more people will make this mission easier, and probably possible if you're at the normal level at this point.

Win without potions (25BP)
This is harder than it seems, due to the fighting oriented nature of this level. I'd say revisit this later. Or if you want, get in a full party, and do it.

Decisive Battle - Level 5
215 BP

Mission BP - 30

Total Bonus Mission BP - 75
Defeat Bryialne wish a spear (P) (15BP)
This mission is a pain as the mission has 3 randomized maps, with the 3rd having a miniboss. Problem is half the time you'll get Mad Grizzlepaw instead of Bryianle and you won't be able to get this. I found Warrior's Challenge is good for this as it reduces it to 1 randomized map which will have the miniboss, if it's not the right map you can just restart right away. Also the other problem is the fact that people in parties tend to carry hooks to trip the boss instead of spears. Also, you don't only have to use the spear, weaken it to a low health and start throwing.

Win with 2 Lv. 5 players (P) (20BP)
If you get into a party when you're Lv. 5 and get another Lv. 5, you should be set for this. If you're already past that and don't have this, just spam on Ch. 1 and pray some low levels need this.

Finish Gnoll Chieftan with kicks (P) (15BP)
R button is the kick button in case you don't know. Just hack him up to his last health bar and start kicking when he's really low on HP. This is usually how you finish these types of missions.

Obtain Rage Helmet (break off) (15BP)
Break off drops are from hitting a certain area of the boss enough for something to fall off. The target here is the Chieftan's helmet. You'll need a spear user (nice to pair this up with Bryialne). Hitting the Chieftan when he's "down" does not count for this, however hitting him when he's tired at 1 bar left will still count. Also note you have to hit him in the head twice to get it. After that a item will appear labeled as a (?), after the boss dies, go pick it up.

Obtain 2 Remnants (P) (10BP)
Normally I hate these missions, but this level is so long that you're probably going to get this (especially if you're one of those Crimson Rage lovers and need more red leather).

Total Oath BP - 110
Warrior's Challenge (solo mode) (25BP)
Oh boy, Warrior's Challenge. The length is reduced to 1 map and then the boss, but this is still a pain. Most of the level is easy enough, but the Chieftan on solo requires different tactics than in a party (aka no hook trip locking). If you're still level 5, just run with this on. Spam the free revives and get this over with. Anyways, bring spears and don't use any of them (except maybe one for Bryialne). 2 spears will stun him so you can unleash a combo on him before rolling off. His kick leaves an openning for a short combo (2 attacks and then a smash) and if he lifts his hammer back, get the hell away from him. After he's down to his last bar, sometimes he'll get tired and that's your chance for a free combo.

Win with 2 or fewer players (30BP)
Full length level, with 2 people. Just do the same things as you did solo (as hooks are nowhere near as effective with a small group). Or if you're still Lv. 5, free revive spam now.

Season of Macha (difficulty up) (35BP)
Not too hard if you're in a good full party. Just do the usual and heal after taking one or two hits. Do note that his spin attack on Hard/Macha is usually a OHKO.

Win within 13 minutes (20BP)
This is hard, not going to lie. You need a full party of 4, all with hooks, and all ready to run like hell.
The first 3 areas should be done extremely quickly and all item drops should be ignored (except maybe remnants). If you get lucky you may not get a miniboss and you'll get shorter areas for the 3 random maps. You should have 6-5 minutes left for the boss. Just have a designated order for people to launch hooks and trip the Chieftan up while everyone else just combos him. If you have a good party, he should get tripped, get up, get tripped the instant his animation is complete, and he shouldn't be upright until 1-3 bars left.

Revenge - Level 5
215 BP

Mission BP - 40

Total Bonus Mission BP - 70
Defeat 10 gnolls with objects (P) (10BP)
You only need to finish them with objects, so slash a few times, pick an item up, and whack them in the head.

Win with 2 players under Lv. 6 (P) (20BP)
Same thing should be said as with Decisive. Just join some lower levels or be the level yourself.

Obtain 3 Rare Ergs (solo) (15BP)
3 ergs isn't too bad considering the length of the level, just run the mission by yourself and smash everything until you finish this. Also, Bryialne is a possible miniboss in this level (other one is an Embermian/Shadow Fang double fight), so if you fight it, you've got anywhere from 1-3 ergs done at that point.

Defeat 3 Wisps with spears (P) (25BP)
Just go near the Erg pots to spawn some, spear them (OHKO), and kill anything near Bryialne if you get it. Not too hard (you just need spears).

Total Oath BP - 105
Win within 12 minutes (25BP)
Nowhere near as hard as Decisive's, but I'd still go for a party of 4 and running a similar tactic on the boss. Also note that I'd go for the melee one first. The ranged one has horrible aim and is a minimal threat.

Win without Pheonix Feathers (25BP)
In a party this may be hard with the length. Heal often, run away when hurt.

Win with 2 or fewer players (20BP)
I'd go with 2 as the boss is still a double boss. Spears and hooks are about the same here (it still is 2 spears for a stun). Go for Wolf Tail (the melee one first). He has 2 moves, a standard smash move and his dash, roll to the sides to dodge either. Jagged Tooth has a normal shot, a charge shot, a kick, and his dash. Really all of them are dodged by rolling to the side. The charge shot does do high damage so try and avoid it. If you're targeted by Jagged Tooth, the other player is free to combo him while he aims for you. Note that the dash will hit anyone around the Gnoll as they start it.

Season of Macha (difficulty up) (35BP)
Not really much to say, same tactics as always. You just need a smart enough party and enough hooks.

Other Tips
You are allowed feathers in no potion runs, use that to your advantage.

Moving to the next area automatically revives everyone who is dead, even on a no feather run.

Most of the gnoll bosses have the same moveset. They can do a swing (dodge by rolling), go down and either swing once or swing, followed by a spin. Dodge this by staying away. Mad Girzzlepaw also has a flying lunge attack which he uses when you run away, roll to the sides as usual.

Abuse the free revives if you can.

Playing on hard increases the items the boss drops from 3 to 4. Use Hard if you really are having a hard time with some of the boss drops.

If you're running low on spears/hooks, you don't need to go back to Merrac. There's a cat to the left of the gate to town that sells most of the secondary weapons.

You can always come back later, being overleveled makes everything easy.

Breaking off can be done with spears or a well aimed smash. You can knock the Gnoll Chieftan's helmet off with a Combo 2 from Fiona when he's "tired".
Phew, wall of text done. May add some images later.

6. Create a Lann/Go Into Another Dungeon With Lann

Credit to Paladin on the MabiNation forums.

Caution- My grammar can be shotty at times so please bear with me
Table of contents
Ctrl + F on your keyboard will open a search box type whats in the brackets to jump to that section
[1] Intro
[2]Lann smash combos
[3A] Skills overview and what to rank
{3BThousand needle}
[3C Double Crecent}
[3D Gliding Fury }
{3E Slip Dash Proficiency}
{3F Nimble Dash}
{3G Campfire}
{3H Armor masteries}
{3I Twin sword mastery/Spear mastery}
{3J Critical Hit}
{3K Stat Traning skills}
{3L Combat mastery}
{3M Smash mastery}
{3N Stone Skin}
{3O Combat Respiration}
{3P Meditation}
[4] Skill advice and things to consider
{4A Thousand Needle}
{4B Slip Dash}
{[4C stamina controll}
[5] Boss tips
{5a Small knoll bosses}
{5B Knoll chieftain}
{5C Small melee Kobold bossess}
{5D Kobold Slingshot brothers}
{5E Brynn`s Reseach}

Lann the first male character of vindictus is a melee based high speed attacker,forgoing a shield for a set of duel blades his speed attacks are meant to hit the enemy fast and hard.
Instead of a defense based character like Fiona where she blocks then counter attacks. Lann is about doing quick chained combos and then dodging out of the way before the monster has a chance to hit you.

For the sake of not to confuse people I will refer to combos by their wiki names along with combo 1,2,3 etc as to make it easier for non cb players,which a link to where be found at the bottom along with credits.
Smash Combos
A brief overview of smash combos for dual sword lann. These Examples are taken off youtube and the wiki they are not mine. 1
Combo #1/gut stinger-The basic smash just press your smash button once for this one. You simply do a strong forward stab. Video

Combo #2/Rising Crescent - Basic upper cut preformed by doing one attack and then smashing.

Combo #3Bare Blowers -You basically slide and put together your swords and impale the enemy with the blunt end of your hilts after a few slashes. This one is two basic attacks then a smash attack. Video

Combo #4 Twin Edge 450 -After you do three normal attacks and then press smash you do this combo. Lann basically does 2 windmills with your swords in a spining motion that has a wide attack range.

Skills overview and what to rank
Thousand Needle - Your staple combo finisher- skill book from Marrec after the first few beginner quests. This skill is treated like another smash combo. After doing four normal attacks Lann will start to multi-stab his two swords and will start to use stamina as he does so. After you start stabbing at any time you may end the combo by pressing your smash key and Lann will do a wide range x cross slash. The more multi stabs you do before you do the finisher x cross stab the stronger the cross stab will be. Ranking this skill increases the power and your chance to knock back and it is suggested to rank this skill since it is one of your dps sources. 3B

Double Crecent - "I do not own this skill yet so this info is taken from what i saw in the wiki video and read" This skill seems to let you do a crescent slash smash right after you dodge. Video

Gliding Fury - "same as above I dont own this skill yet so wiki again" It appears that it lets you do a combo smash by dodging from the end of a windmill or directly from any critical smash. Video

Slip Dash Proficiency - Your all important dodge skill that lets you dodge enemy attacks by sliding in a direction. You control the direction by pressing the dodge key and a direction key at the same time. Ranking reduces the stamina needed to use a dodge and also gives you a fraction of a second more invincibility time in dodge(ie invincibility frames). Another skill that you should rank as high you can or at least to rank D for Nimble dash.3E

Nimble Dash - Nimble Dash just lets you do a second slip dash in a row which in turn helps greatly extend your range of evasion. Merrac will at some point have a quest called Nimble Dash. All you gotta do is have rank D Slip Dash Proficiency and Merrac will hand you the skill book.3F

Campfire - This skill lets you set up a campfire using a campfire kit. A campfire kit is a highly recommended item to bring to your runs. After setting up your campfire and feeding it wood. You can sit down with f11 you will heal as you sit,it comes with an anvil that everybody can use to repair items. It also after sitting by it for a period gives a attack,magic attack boast and regeneration bonus to your armor. Ranking it boasts the healing rate and bonuses. Earned free from the story from the first quest of the second boat(basically when you start using tokens for dungeons) campfire kits are sold at the traveler store and mercenary guild for 200g each. A great skill to rank after doing skills like smash mastery,thousand needle,slip dash,etc.3G

Armor masteries - Each mastery adds defense,lowers wt, adds maximum durability and lets you equip better armor. Lann starts off with light armor. You may pick up each mastery by buying the skill book at the mercenary outpost at level 5 for 3600g each. You have to rank one or more of these skills otherwise you cant equip better armors.3H

Twin sword mastery/Spear mastery- Again lowers the wt of your corresponding weapon and also lets you equip better weapons. Skill books are the same as armor 3600g at level 5. Also gotta rank one of these skills to equip better weapons.3I

Critical Hit - Another one from wiki but everybody knows what this one does - chance to crit for extra dmg. Unknown how to acquire for now. Ranking boasts chance and bonus dmg.3J

Stat Traning skills - Various skill books are sold that when used will give you skills that boast certain stats more str,int,will etc. Various levels and prices all sold at the mercenary outpost. Higher skill rank = more stat boasts. This set of skills is personal choice would you like to spend ap in attack skills or in boasting your stats.3K

Combat mastery - Boasts your normal attacks dmg by a set %. The is at skill book at the mercenary outpost at level 9 for 8400g. Ranking = more %. The % for this may not be that high but get it rank D or better so you have access to smash mastery.3L

Smash mastery - Just like combat mastery boats your smash dmg by a %. Skill book at Mercenary outpost level 11 for 10800g. Requires rank D combat mastery before you may purchase. Ranking just like above means a better % and this one is worth ranking since smashes outside of skills is where most of your dps comes from.3M

Stone skin - Boast your def when armor is broken or damaged. Level 13 skill book at mercenary outpost ,13200g, Needs rank D Defense mastery. Ranking = more def. Not worth it to rank in my view the defense boast is minor.3N

Combat Respiration - Increases your stamina recovery rate. Skill book at mercenary outpost at level 13 for 13200g. Lann can and will consume alot of stamina at once,this skill is a must rank.3O

Meditation - free ap over time- not worth ranking as its uses more ap then it gives. Given as quest reward for one of the beginner quests.3P

Skill Advice and things to consider
Thousand Needle- Once you start stabbing an enemy with this combo you will start to use stamina,it is vital you learn to gauge when to stop the combo by using the smash key to finish it.
If you do not use the smash to finish the combo while you have stamina or time it so the smash uses the last of your stamina. When you press the attack key again with no stamina Lann will do the tired animation and thus end your combo without finishing it. You also must consider how much stamina you have left after the combo. Do I have enough to dodge out of a boss counter attack or can I go all the way and just walk away?
Slip Dash - In the same token how Fiona players must learn how to use guard and heavy stander correctly. Lann players must learn how to use slip Dash or dodge correctly and then counter attack or back off while a enemy tries to find you again. An example would be the Gnoll chieftain one of the first major bosses. He has three main attacks, a swift foward kick, a hammer ground pound and a windmill where he spins his hammer twice in a 360. The kick and hammer ground pound you simply could dodge around and keep attacking. The windmill is where in lies the trouble. Most people would dodge the first windmill and then go in for the counter attack only to be caught off guard by the second stronger windmill. So as Lann you must learn when to attack,evade and when to do both.
Stamina control- It`s plain and simple learn to control how much stamina you use at once be at the mercy of some bosses attack and unable to dodge it.

Boss Tips 5
Small Gnoll bosses(beginner boat) 5A
Most if not all of these bosses can simply be dodged by using slip dash going behind them or sticking on their side and dodging backwards or to the side as needed.

Gnoll Chieftain The first real challenge boss he has three main attacks. 5B
Kick- easy to dodge frontal kick only done when someone is really close to him.
Hammer swing- simple hammer swing to the ground to try to squah someone. Simply dodge away from it and counter attack
Double hammer spin- does two 360 hammer spins very wide range. Dodge away from him in the opposite direction and just let him do his 2 windmills and then counter attack. If you dodge in his path unless you have nimble dash for a second dodge then you may get hit.

Small melee kobold bosses- just two axe attacks5C
Front swing - Easy just dodge like the knolls
Double swing- similar to your 450 twin edge so just be careful when you go in for the counter otherwise its an easy dodge.

Slingshot brother kobolds- all three can use slingshots and snot on you and older two can do something like a flailing run. The slingshot attacks are very simple to dodge by dashing before they hit you. The snot attack is a slow close range frontal attack also very easy to dodge. The flailing run is a semi annoying but lets you get free hits as long your behind them.5D

Brynn's Research5E
This boss is a walking target for Lann players. He has 4 actions that are ultra simple
Potion drink and toss- some potions with an orange spark and he will drink the bottle and toss it at his argo target. Just dont be in front of him
Potion spit- The sparks will be green and he will drink his potion and spit it in front of him.
Potion drink- He stands there and heals a minor about with a red spark-free attacks
Dagger slice- he may sometiems use his dagger to do a basic few slashes in front of him. Just dodge out of the way for this.
Just stay on his back or his side and this boss is a cakewalk.

Cerdits to these 2 wiki for skill videos and desp

This guide is a work in progress but am done for now......
Id be glad to make gifs or use the in game video recorder if someone is nice enough to upload them for me on to youtube or similar.
That's it guys! I hope you enjoy these guides and they help you get the most out of Closed Beta, before it closes doors in a little bit over 24 hours (at the time I'm writing this post.)

-Matthew Wilson
 The Vindictus Guide

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