Thursday, August 19, 2010

Going To Start Playing Vindictus!

To everyone who's applying for a beta key, I will not be able to reply so quickly, I am going to play Vinidctus in a minute.

I will post all of my videos here! SO WATCH OUT! 

Remember to Add Talwar on the East Server!

UPDATE: The name Raj is not applicable because you need 4+ letters. Add Talwar.

I did make a view on Vindictus, but the file couldn't convert, I'll have to look into that! 


  1. im trying to ad you... was that name taken?

  2. Sorry about that. :x

    I discovered it has to be 4-12 characters.

    My name is now Talwar.

  3. I'm now following you on Twitter... I just entered the contest for a key and I am hoping to win. I would love to party up with you and play this awesome game together. After all that's what MMO's are for... having epic adventures and battles together!

  4. @Brandon - Thanks. :3 You havae some nice reasons, so I'm getting your key to you now. :3
    I probably woul've agreed, but, I suck at the game! haha