Friday, August 20, 2010

Thinking of Quitting The Blog

After one and a half days of dying, lagging, and having the time of my gaming life, I realized something. I suck at the game, and I can't record any videos.

I wanted to post video guides or video footage, but now I can't, because of the lag and my lack of experience.


Just look at this video to see how bad it is:

This is why I wish to quit, along with the fact that I suck at the game.

Comments on what you think I should do please? :\


  1. dont give up u fool..just find some other way to record crap..its a good game, three more days to go..

  2. I got called a fool. :[
    Alright, I go looook "Searches the large realm of the internet"

  3. Maybe lower the graphics settings when you record? There are many other video capture programs out there too like Fraps. (It's probably much less resource intensive).

    If that doesn't work, try lowering in-game gfx settings when you are capturing video.

    Don't give up! ;)

  4. I have the lowest graphics (though they still seem amazing, which is weird) on.
    Fraps is also only featuring 30 seconds each, so. ...

    I've tried JingProject(.com), and that doesn't work. Going to try Hypercam and the free Camstasia/Camstudio whatever thing. ... if not...well. :P

  5. x.x so its just your comp cant handle the game, read to me, are you using direct x 8 or 9+? (im using 8 sends me from 30 fps to 60) also sorry about not posting in a while (btw i cant get past the cheif gnoll guy either x.x)

  6. Closed beta should be laggy. Besides, the CB was intentionally for 1000 people, but nexon gave even MORE beta keys out. The server probably can't handle it too well.

    Plus plus, what's your computer specs?

  7. Whhat they said, wait till they do some debugs with the server.try some alternate recording methods... If all else fails you could get a better computer! dont give up!

  8. @Olivia - Chief Gnoll Guy's easy. :3 The above vid was about soloing it (but it doesn't look so good because of that laaag).

    I might upload a file or something with my comp specs so someone very tech-savvy can tell me what's wrong.

    @Peter - That's what I was thinking too, so I'm probably staying till open beta. If it's screwed up a bit in there, bleh...

    @Cheesedog - O.O; I'm not getting a new comp :3