Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Estimated time for Vindictus Closed Beta Launch ANNOUNCED!

Hey Closed Beta testers!
As we know, Nexon is all on Facebook, and trying to grab as much as they game they can before the hundreds of closed beta players swarm in, as they always do!

Here's the official post by the Nexon staff about the estimated time.
Two hours! So go eat lunch, and take an hour nap. Then come back, and scream and pull your hair our.

Dear Players,

We know you’re all as excited about this launch as we are which is why we are continuing to work tirelessly to launch Beta. While we do not have a definite launch time, please check back around 3pm for further developments.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

-The Nexon Team-
There it is, on the Nexon forums.
Excited? Comment below! Nexon sucks, we all know!

                                                                                         -Matt Wilson
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