Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Closed Beta's Over - How did You Enjoy It?

Well, for those of you who subscribed and got a beta key during my event, how was it? Did you enjoy it? Was it worth it?

Open Beta is supposed to be starting on August 28th! See you all there!

 Comment on what you think below!

-Matthew Wilson
 The Vindictus Guide

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  1. From what I played I thought it was great.Was the first Action MMO I've played and I really liked how the controls felt.I hope to get more time with it once Open Beta starts.

  2. It was the one of the first action MMO's I've played too, I play MMORPGs more. The controls seemed the be like MapleStory, but by the end of Closed Beta, I realized where the strategy is.

    Me too. Once I finish up some things during the summer, I should be playing daily.

  3. It was incredible, one of the best designed games ive played on PC, let alone xbox or ps3. If given commercial attention this could be huge.

  4. it was a little boring because i already played the kr version,i just need evie xD

  5. xD Wow Cheesedog! Enjoyed it so much? Well, it is an awesome game, but I find it incomplete as of yet.

    @Supra - :P That can't be helped.

  6. its 28 augusth already and it isnt open yet :/