Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vindictus Open Beta is Live!

Straight from the official Vindictus website!


Vindictus v1.03 Update for Early Access

The Marketplace is a new game system to help buy and sell items in-game.
Use the Marketplace to sell surplus loot or search for items which you need.
Located between the entrance to the Forge and the Docks, the Marketplace can be accessed by walking up to the board with the pigs underneath it. (See Below)

Click here for more information regarding the Marketplace

Character Levels
Character levels have been doubled and the leveling curve has been edited. Characters will level up twice as quickly as in Closed Beta. This also increases the level cap from 13 to 26.
Various in-game systems have been updated to reflect the new level distributions.
Level requirements to access quests, equipment and skills have been updated to reflect this change.

Ability Points
The Ability Points (AP) limit has been raised from 50 to 100.
Characters will now be able to hold more AP to distribute to their skills.
This does not have an effect on the amount of AP needed to level up a character's skills.

Level Up Gift
Newly created characters will receive a "Level Up Gift" from Tieve.
This gift can be opened multiple times, provided a character reaches the appropriate levels. Characters will receive a new unique item(s) each time the gift is opened.
The first time a character can open a Level Up Gift is at Level 2. The second time the gift can be opened is at Level 5.
Continue leveling to unlock Level Up Gifts at higher levels.

UI Changes
Markers to indicate the progress of quests have been updated. They can be located on top of building entrances and above NPC portraits.

New Quest or New Information About a Quest.

Continuation of Quest in Progress.

Completion of Quest in Progress

Characters can now use emotes while in town. To use emotes, press the F5-F11 keys.
Players will notice a bonfire near the docks. Press the "grab" button when near a log or rock to sit by the fire and tell tales of great adventure.

Shop on Boats
A shop has been added to the boats. Go to the owl found near the dock next to the boat to puchase supplies.
Various items can be purchased from this shop, cutting down on travel time to town when running low on supplies.

Character Creation
The character creation process has been updated with new choices for hairstyle and colors.

Bug Fixes
Age restrictions preventing players from entering the game have been removed.
Profanity filters have been updated.

- Vindictus Team-

It's all interesting, and great. But I'm afraid I will NOT be able to play with you guys! My laptop charger (where I play Vindictus, this is a 2005 computer, that will never be able to run Vindictus) is only working if you push really hard, and hold your hand there, meaning I'd only have one hand to play and the computer could shut off at any second without notice.

So, I have quit Vindictus. I don't know if it will be until it is fixed or until I get a new computer, or if I will quit for good, but I know I can not play for a long time.

So, here's a little poll for the continuation of the blog:

Answer the question, and I'll see the results in a few days, and we'll see what happens.

Thanks for Reading!

-Matthew Wilson

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