Wednesday, September 8, 2010

IT'S OFFICIAL! Extended (but larger) CLOSED BETA!

Just found this on the website today!

The next phase of the Vindictus beta is set to begin. For battle-ready players who fought their way through the Closed beta though, they and their select friends will be able to get early access starting September 15, 2010! 

Players participating in the Vindictus Early Access Beta will receive two extra codes to invite their friends into the Beta. Even better, everyone who participates in the Early Access Beta be able to level up characters, collect loot, slash monsters, and save all their progress for when the game goes live. You heard right! All characters created in the Early Access period and later beta phases will be kept and carried into the live launch of the game!

- Vindictus Staff -

That means IGN's post (read all about it here) was right!
I will be giving out my two beta keys as a random contest, in case you have two extra friends looking for keys, send them here!
(Soon to come though!)

What do I think? NEXON HATES ME!
They tell me nothing, just because I'm a full-on Vindictus blog.

Rude. Enough said.

-Matt Wilson


  1. Eh, I was kinda hoping that they would just release the Open Beta. Early Access is usually given out to sell pre-orders, but it's a free game.

    I have no idea why they don't just call it "Closed Beta 2".

    I guess I'll wait and see if I land an EAOB key. If not see ya when the Open Beta rolls around.

    Nexon secretly hates everyone. ;D

  2. Oh, why didnt they just make it a n open beta.

    Everyone including me have been waiting so long just to play it what a bumer.

  3. I thought it would be an Open Beta. I'M SO DISAPPOINTED. I guess I'll have to go around groveling for keys now, huh?