Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vinditus Closed Beta Guide - How To Do a Perfect Block with Fiona

Thanks so much atomgraze for this video! :]
If you guys don't know, I didn't get into closed beta, so I'm relying on nice people to help until Closed Beta ends.
Here's the video - and credit to atomgraze again!

It's very nice, with the instructions on the screen.
So Fiona's watch! :]

                                                                                 -Matthew Wilson
                                                                                  The Vindictus Guide

NOTE: Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was busy. :[ My posting times will be extremely decreased until Open Beta starts (August 28th), and I'm getting very lazy to continue the Vindictus Review. But I will! It will be (I promise) done by maximum August 27th, because then Vindictus will be available for everyone and I will post in-game guides!


  1. This is me, thanks for posting it :D

  2. Hi atomgraze! ^^
    No problem, just running out of stuff to post till Open Beta.
    Though, once I get the keys, I'll probably be posting original content.