Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Very Unprofessional Video for a Very Unprofessional Site

I was searching Vindictus (as usual...) and chanced upon a website called GoldVindictus. My thoughts were "They're selling Vindictus Gold already? WHAT?" And clicked on the site.
Here's a short (and unprofessional) video about what happened.
Sorry it's so unprofessional, I had to share it as soon as possible!!

Watch in HD! It's the best thing available!

Thanks for watching! Comment below on what you think!

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                                                                              -Matt Wilson
                                                                               The Vindictus Guide

P.S. I'm so sorry Part 3 of the Vindictus Review didn't come out yesterday. It probably won't come out today either, because I'm only posting one post a day. Whenever a day comes when nothing of importance is coming, I will post part 3, and finally, part 4.
Thanks for your patience. 


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