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Mabinogi Heroes in Korea: Episodes!

Hello. Meljinneuipnida.

For our Mabinogi Mabinogi Mabinogi, but with a shared worldview, and another,
An exciting new era as a background to the story is getting created.
Heroes of the past, the more I think about a lot of people,
Mabinogi from another dimension, another world, thinking of that would be great.

I urge you to talk through a variety of combat and are exposed to various NPC.
Mabinogi this story and the stage, combat, equipment, and enclosed
"Episodes> The units are updated.

Today, these episodes by:
Until now, information and yiyagidoeeoon, we would like to organize said with brief details.


As the patron saint of the town and take care of the villagers and gave tiyi giant spider.
But one day, the patron is a rampage to attack people ..
Unknown patterns in the red on his forehead is shining ten thousand and two.

Therefore, the spider was launched kalbeuram yongbyeongdan to treatment.
Yongbyeongdan new soldier the player can interact with non-human beings tiyi escort girls and
Church for the salvation of non-rises to the bell tower.

EP1: kalbeuram yongbyeongdan

Knights of the Kingdom of the day kolhene pagyeondoeeoon giant spider, the
Elyos and the relationship appeared in the bell tower is fun because of the hasty misjudgment will advance into the northern ruins.
Therefore, in the north of the ruins glow with red hair are declared total war with the humans.

EP2: Elyos of the shadows

Curse of the old memories sleeping tea ice gorge.
Asked her where the white tyrant who went to track and runs into a player Elyos.
Elyos shown unexpected places.
Kobold race kalbeuram mercenary purposes only, and to discover the Knights of the Kingdom work together.

EP3: Crescent knives to rip

Elyos of the raid who had become unable to buy villages ahyulreun burning.
But the officer went to the guidance of Alice ahyulreuneun Elyos might think had been occupied by what can not be.
And Alice is approached them to know the truth ... there are some limits to their sad fate.

EP4: to play the king of the race

Rie Islands to give a little favor the entrance of the store a pobelro plains.
It is found in the ruins was the only species that were thought to play.
Can not capture the remaining ruins of the north to discover the truth, kalbeuram mercenaries to go on only two tracks.

EP5: The Lost Relic

Acknowledgment of his contribution so far, now just a mercenary, but the Knights Kingdom deuwinui be attached to the load as players.
Was heading to the first reconnaissance mission deep in the ice valley, an ancient species known to be already extinct, is found yeti.
And there was found ...

EP6: Burning kolhen

The first step in updating a player didige Rochestown.
Rochestown update the player's article is that the school cadet novice deuwingwa reunion, but
Pleased to hear the Elyos and before news of the invasion.
Kolheneseo smoke through the Knights drove to the gisajang kadaneun kolheneul rescue naseonda.

EP7: second shaman

Roche is convening a forest where all the shaman.
And ran toward where beophwang Gillespie.
However, forest road ahead boldly on the Lizardmen by Roche that beophwang kidnapping attempt occurred, and
They went to the hideout of the player's eye at last to reveal the prophetic shaman.

EP8: kill us all

Beophwangui according to the command does not feel right about a player to perform command and accountability.
Sad to know the truth of the command to terminate a player and kadan ahyulreuneuro facing.
Summoned from the underground who appeared before them, the truth is knocking down the swords of betrayal was cool.

EP9: Erin and the way to the

Syakal unthinkable happened to meet again in the.
Through his mouth and ears, the truth is heard?
Erin is heading up the road has made them one step closer truths.

EP10: the coming of the goddess

Led to the final journey.
Alves led and followed, as the fate of two sites at the end, who until now have never stayed there.
Wake up and begin conscious in Mauritania, before they finally opened the doors of Erin, but ....

Epilogue: Stuffed Paradise

"I'm fine.
And ... I'll never forget. "

(Episode 10 of the main stream scenario is scheduled to end.
Since the episode is a different story will unfold.
You can change the title and some content.)

In addition to Mabinogi for you in the name of an extra episode
Slightly different from the mainstream has been a showcase for abduction.

Extra Episode: ahyidan

Deundeunhage always conducted in silence with only mercenary mercenary captain ahyidan Did.
Hildeosupui trolls come to ask for help for the treatment of ohreutel through ingkelseureul
A little reveals his hidden story.

Extra Episode: The Titans

Updated man living in the town of Augusta Rochestown, kirungga.
Ties and share a bond that Barak Swarovski, Black Hammer through the hidden conspiracy
His hidden past is revealed gradually.

This looked back, has been quite a long time to talk.
We hold the rest of the story is not pretty.
Episode 7 was more fun to talk soon with'll be with.
Thank you.

By meljinneu (a gachuljung)

Translated via Google Translate! Thanks!

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